Keith Kahn Harris

Metal Jew

Academic articles

Refereed articles in scholarly journals:

(With Marcus Moberg) ‘Religious Popular Music: Between the Instrumental, Transcendent and Transgressive’ in Temenos: Nordic Journal of Comparative Religion, 48/1, 87-106 2012

(With Ben Gidley) ‘Contemporary Anglo-Jewish and Community Leadership: Coping with Multiculturalism’ The British Journal of Sociology 63/1 2012

‘Creating Jewish Rap: From Parody to Syncretism’ in transversal – Zeitschrift für Jüdische Studien 1 2009 21-38

‘The ‘Failure’ of Youth Culture: Music, Politics and Reflexivity in the Black Metal Scene’ in The European Journal of Cultural Studies, 7/1 2004, pp 95-111

‘‘Roots’?:  The Relationship Between the Global and the Local Within the Global Extreme Metal Scene’ in Popular Music 19/1, 2000, pp 13-30

Journal special issues

(Co-edited with Titus Hjelm and Mark LeVine) ‘Heavy Metal: Controversies and Countercultures’ Popular Music History 6: 1/2, April/August 2012

(Co-edited with Karl Spracklen and Andy R. Brown) ‘Metal Studies: Cultural Research in the Heavy Metal Scene’ Journal for Cultural Research 15: 3, July 2011

Other articles in scholarly journals

(With Titus Hjelm and Mark Levine) ‘Heavy Metal as Controversy and Counterculture’ in Popular Music History 6:1/2, April/August 2012, 5-18

‘Metal Studies: Intellectual Fragmentation or Organic Intellectualism?’ in Journal for Cultural research 15/3, July 2011, pp251-254

‘The Politics of Brisket: Jews and The Wire,’ Darkmatter, no. 4 29 May 29 2009

[with Fabien Hein] ‘Études Metal: Metal Studies: Une Bibliographe’ in Copyright Volume! 5/2 2006 19-32

‘I Hate This Fucking Country’: Dealing with the Global and the Local in the Israeli Extreme Metal Scene’ Critical Studies 19: Music, Popular Culture, Identities, 2002 pp 133-151

Chapters in scholarly books:

“Introduction” (with Andy R. Brown, Karl Spracklen and Niall W. R. Scott) and  “A Reply to Scott and O’Boyle.” In Global Metal Music and Culture: Current Directions in Metal Studies, edited by Andy R. Brown, Karl Spracklen, Keith Kahn-Harris, and Niall W. R. Scott. (London: Routledge 2016)
“Introduction: The Next Steps in the Evolution of Metal Studies.” In Heavy Metal Studies and Popular Culture, edited by Brenda Gardenour Walter, Gabby Riches, Dave Snell, and Brian Bardine, 1–18. (New York: Palgrave Schol UK 2016)

”’You Are From Israel and that is Enough to Hate you Forever”: Racism, Globalization and Play Within the Global Extreme Metal Scene’ in Metal Rules the Globe: Heavy Metal Music around the World, eds Jeremy Wallach, Harris M. Berger, Paul D. Greene (Duke University Press 2012)

(With Ben Gidley) ‘From Security to Insecurity: British Jewish Communal Leadership in the Context of Multiculturalism’ in Dynamic Belonging: Contemporary Jewish Collective Identities, ed Harvey E. Goldberg, Steven M. Cohen, and Ezra Kopelowitz (Berghahn Books 2011)

‘Jews United and Divided by Music’ in Religion and Popular Music in Europe, ed Thomas Bossius, Andreas Häger and Keith Kahn-Harris (I B Tauris, New York, 2011) 71-91

‘How Diverse Should Metal Be? The Case of Jewish Metal’ in Reflections in the Metal Void, ed Niall W. R. Scott  (Inter-Disciplinary Press 2012), 39-48 [A slightly different version can also be found online in  The Metal Void: First Gatherings, ed. Niall W. R. Scott and Imke Von Helden, (Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2010), 110-119.]

‘End of the World Music: Is Extreme Metal the Sound of the Apocalypse,’ in The End All Around US: Apocalyptic Texts and Popular Culture, ed. John Wallis and Kenneth G.C. Newport (London: Equinox, 2008).  22-42

‘Sozdanie evreiskogo repa: parodija, pastish, sinkretizm’ [‘Creating Jewish Rap: Parody, Pastiche and Syncretism’] in A. Smirnitskaya (ed) Muzyika Idishkaita [Music of Yiddishkite]. Vol. 4.Moscow: MAKS Press, 2008, pp 128-150.

‘Exploring Scenes’ in Talkie Walkie: [jongerensubculture] 4 believers/non-believers, Acco, 2007 pp94-105.

[with Steven M. Cohen] ‘Beyond Belonging: Jewish Identities of Moderately Engaged British Jews in the UK’ in S. Cohen and B. Susser (eds) Ambivalent Jew: Charles Leibman in Memorial, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 2007, pp67-88

‘‘Roots’?:  The Relationship Between the Global and the Local Within the Global Extreme Metal Scene’, in A. Bennett, B. Shank and J. Toynbee (eds) The Popular Music Studies Reader, Routledge, 2005 pp128-136 [edited reprint of a previous article]

‘Unspectacular Subculture?: Transgression and Mundanity in the Global Extreme Metal Scene’, in A. Bennett and K. Kahn-Harris (eds) After Subculture: Critical Studies in Subcultural Theory and Research , Palgrave, 2004 pp 107-118

Hungarian translation: ‘Nem látványos szubkultúra? Határátlépés és hétköznapiság a globális extrém metal színtéren’ in Replika 19: 65,  pp165–175, December 2009

‘Death Metal and the Limits of Musical Expression’ in Cloonan, M and Garofalo, R (ed), Policing Pop , Temple University Press, 2003 pp 81-99

[As Keith Harris] ‘An Orphaned Land?: Israel and the Global Extreme Metal Scene’ in Harris, K (ed), New Voices in Jewish Thought: Volume 2, Limmud Publications, London, 1999, pp1-21

German translation: ‘Ein Verwaistes Land? Israel und die Extreme Metal-Szene’ in Testcard 6, 2001

[As Keith Harris] ‘Exploring Jewish Space: A Critique of Limmud’ in Rabinowitz R (ed), New Voices in Jewish Thought, Limmud Publications, London, 1998, pp 39-54 [Download a copy here: Harris 1998]

Working and discussion papers:

The Interplay between Internal and External Factors in the Stimulation of Intra-Jewish Conflict over Israel and Antisemitism. Discussion paper. Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Racisms and the Question of Palestine/Israel Online Paper Series. London: The Centre for Research on Migration, Refugees and Belonging, University of East London. {Download pdf here] Also published on Open Democracy, 30 September 2015.
Music is My Life?: Discourse Analysis and the Interview Talk of Members of a Music-Based Subculture , Goldsmiths Sociology Paper, Goldsmiths College, 1997

Book reviews in scholarly journals:

‘Playing Across a Divide: Israeli–Palestinian Musical Encounters’ by Benjamin Brinner in Popular Music 29/3, 2010

‘Black Sabbath and the Rise of Heavy Metal Music’ by Andrew Cope in Popular Musicology Online, 3 September 2010

‘Jewry between Tradition and Secularism: Europe and Israel Compared’ Edited by Eliezer Ben-Rafael et al. in International Sociology 25:2 302-305 2010

‘Exploring the Networked Worlds of Popular Music: Milieu Cultures’ by Pete Webb in Popular Music and Society 331:1 136-138 2010

‘Music and Youth Culture’ by Dan Laughey, in Sociology 41/2, 2007

“Religion and Popular Culture: A Hyper-Real Testament” by Adam Possamai, in Journal of Contemporary Religion 21/1, 2006

‘Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground’ by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind, in Popular Music 18/1, January 1999