Keith Kahn Harris

Metal Jew

Book reviews

Mazel Tov Amigos: Jews and Popular Music in the Americas Edited by Amalia Ran and Moshe Morad. in Popular Music 36 (1): 131–133. 2017

Jewish Studies in the Nordic Countries Today, edited by Ruth Illman and Björn Dahla, in Nordisk Judaistik 27 (2)  82-84, 2016

Tragic Encounters and Ordinary Ethics: Palestine-Israel in British Universities by Ruth Sheldon, in Fathom, Winter 2016

The Left’s Jewish Problem by Ben Rich, in New Humanist, Winter 2016

Diasporic Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Svenja Gertheiss, in Fathom, Spring 2016

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond, in The Independent, 3 March 2006

The Life Project by Helen Pearson, in The Independent, 18 February 2016

Words of Fire: Selected Essays of Ahad Ha’am, edited by Brian Klug, in The Jewish Chronicle, 19 November 2015

Pogrom 1938: Testimonies from Kristallnacht, edited by Ruth Levitt, in The Independent, 5 November 2015

Not In God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence by Jonathan Sacks, in New Humanist, Autumn 2015

A Travelling Homeland: The Babylonian Talmud as Diaspora, by Daniel Boyarin, in The Tablet, 29 August 2015

European Jewish Muslim Antisemitism by Günther Jikeli, in The Jewish Chronicle 8 May 2015

Goebbels by Peter Longerich in The Independent, 29 April 2015

KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps by Nikolaus Wachsmann, 9 April 2015

How I Stopped Being a Jew by Shlomo Sand in The Independent, 16th October 2014

Unchosen by Julie Burchill in The Independent, 2nd October 2014

Tradition and Technology: Contraction or Collision [Review of End of the Jews by Dan Mendelsohn Aviv and Present Shock by Douglas Rushkoff in the Jewish Quarterly, winter 2013

The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust by Noam Chayut and What Do You Buy The Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife by David Harris-Gershon in The Independent, October 11 2003

What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal  in Souciant, 5 December 2012

‘This Is Not The Way’ by David Goldberg and ‘Trouble-Making Judaism’ by Eli Tikvah Sarah in New Humanist, May/June 2012.

‘Non-Jewish Jews’ [Review of ‘The Wandering Who?’ by Gilad Atzmon and ‘Jewish Identity and Palestinian Rights’ by David Landy] in the Jewish Quarterly, Winter 2011

‘Religion and Human Evolution’ by Robert Bellah in New Humanist, November/December 2011

‘The Rebbe’ by Samuel Heilman and Menachem Friedman in The Times Literary Supplement, 25 February 2011 [two other brief reviews also published in the TLS in 2011]

‘The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise’ by Garret Keizer in The Tablet, 23 October 2010

‘Another Way, Another Time: Religious Inclusivism and the Sacks Rabbinate’ by Meir Persoff in the Jewish Quarterly 215 Summer 2010

‘Practising Public Scholarship: Experiences and Possibilities Beyond the Academy’ Edited by Katharyne Mitchell in The Sociological Imagination 1 June 2010

‘‘Perfidious Albion’: How Britain treats its Jews’  Review of ‘Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England‘ By Anthony Julius in The Forward 12 March 2010

‘The Fascination of Israel: Three Left-of-Center Writers Offer Critiques of a Western Obsession’ in The Forward 16 December 2009

‘An Offensive Culture: Review of Brian Klug’s ‘Offense: The Jewish Case’ in Zeek 18 December 2009

‘Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and  the World’ by Barbara Ehrenreich in New Humanist November/December 2009

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‘Klezmer America: Jewishness, Ethnicity, Modernity’ by Jonathan Freedman in Jewish Quarterly 210, Summer 2008

‘Great Satan’s Rage: American Negativity and Rap/Metal in the Age of Supercapitalism’ by Scott Wilson in Times Higher Education 24 July 2008

‘True Norwegian Black Metal’ by Peter Beste in New Humanist 123/4 July/August 2008

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‘A Living Lens: Photographs of Jewish Life from the Pages of the Forward’ in New Humanist 122/5, Sept/Oct 2007

Essay review of ‘The Art of Listening’ by Les Back in New Jewish Thought August 2007

False Prophet: Field Notes from the Punk Underground’ by Steven Taylor, in, 2004

‘Popular Music and National Culture in Israel’ by Motti Regev and Edwin Seroussi in the Jewish Chronicle, 4 June 2004

Essay Review of ‘Rock and Roll Jews’ by Michael Billig, in Manna 69, Autumn 2000