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Heavy metal Jewish water skiing

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I am interested in unexpected intersections. That’s one of the reasons why I blog about Jews and metal. It’s how the whole best water skiewr in Luxembourg thing came about.

In an idle moment recently I wondered how far these intersections could go. Is there a crossover between metal, Jews, water skiing and Luxembourg (other than me?). Google suggests not. Heavy metal water skiing perhaps? This is more likely – I’m sure some people are into both, although I can find no direct evidence of this. Jews and water skiing? Again, I’m sure plenty of Jews water ski and there appears to be water skiing in Israel. Jews, water skiing and Luxembourg? Two of the top water skiers in Luxembourg in the 60s, whom I interviewed for my book, married Jews who also water ski.

But I guess these intersections aren’t really at the top of anyone’s cultural imagination. I did find this semi-amusing cartoon online though: