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Jewish metal from Midbar

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Years ago I heard about a jewish metal band from New York that was active in the 1990s called Midbar. I couldn’t find any other info so I posted a call for further info on this blog. Well finally my call was answered and Hershel Firbank sent me a couple of tracks by Midbar. Here they are:


Midbar – Aj Tzadikim


Midbar – Adon Olam

They’re both metal covers of Jewish standards. I’m guessing that the band may have been Lubavitch or strictly orthodox. There’s often a faint whiff of ‘hey we’re making the liturgy cool! we’re down with the kids!’ in this sort of thing but on the evidence of these tracks, Midbard appear to have been a decent metal band. To put it another way, the two tracks hold their own as metal, they have a reason to exist other than making Jewish tradition more palatable. So belated cudos to Midbar.