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Metal in Barbados and Jamaica

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I just got the following comment on one of my old posts:

Hi. My name is Kadeem Ward. I’m the only member of Barbados’ only Metal band, Its called Conrad. The project is based on Dark Barbadian Folklore as well as Afro-Religions & Caribbean Ancestry. Check out my band page – Also check out Orisha Shakpana – Its a Jamaican Black Metal band led by my friend and session vocalist Lord Ifrit. Similar themes, his being a bit darker. Thanks in advance!

Check out the two myspace pages: there’s a lot to love here. I love that these bands exist at all. I love the irony that Burzum-style, one man band black metal – so apparently context specific – manages to be an effective vehicule for explorations of Carribean identity. I love it when lone individuals do something totally at odds with their environment.