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New survey on Israel

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The Institute for Jewish Policy Research is running a major survey on UK Jewish opinions about Israel.  Here’s the details from the JPR website:

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research has been commissioned by the Pears Foundation to carry out a groundbreaking national survey of Jewish opinion about Israel.  The research is being administered by Ipsos MORI.

This important online survey only takes 15 minutes to complete and does not require any special interest or knowledge about Israel. We want to hear your views, whatever they may be.

The results of the survey will help us better understand the feelings, attitudes and attachments Jews in Britain have towards Israel.

To be eligible to participate, you must be Jewish, live in Britain and be aged 18 or over.

Take part now by clicking  If this link doesn’t take you directly to the website of Ipsos MORI when you click on it, then please copy and paste the link into your internet browser.