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Norwegian terrorist attack – what does Varg think?

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Ever since hearing about the recent terrorist attack in Norway I have wondered about what Varg Vikernes’s reaction would be. Well, wonder no longer: he has posted his thoughts in a post on his website entitled War in Europe: Part I – Cui bono?.
The answer to the question ‘Cui Bono’ is of course is the Jews! Vikernes condemns the attack and sees it as probably a Mossad-run ‘false flag’ operation. I’m not going to quote from it directly here. What surprises me is the explictness with which Vikernes regurgitates the most predictable elements of antisemitism (Jews invented Marxism, feminism, freemasonry, psychology etc etc). I never had any illusions about his beliefs but I did feel that at the very least he had more subtelty and originality in their expression (not that it makes them any better of course). Maybe I’ve been wasting too much time grappling with the Vikernes question – maybe he’s just a dull neo-Nazi after all…