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  1. Documentaries on metal in Angola and Mozambique

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    Interest in African metal appears to be growing. There’s a documentary film out now called Death Metal Angola that will have its European premiere at the end of January 2013 in Rotterdam. Another documentary, Terra Pesada, currently in production, will chronicle metal in Mozambique. Angola and Mozambique have intriguing similarities – they are both ex-Portuguese colonies, currently recovering after decades of civil war. It’s also interesting that both countries, together with Botswana and Namibia, border South Africa. It appears that metal in Africa is largely confined to the north and south of the continent, with South Africa acting as the hub for the smaller neighbouring scenes.

    Here’s the trailer for Death Metal Angola:



    And here’s the trailer for Terra Pesada:


    TERRA PESADA from Wiley Flo Productions on Vimeo.