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The Zion Sky Compilation

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I don’t think I ever blogged before about the Zion Sky compilation. It’s an extraordinary piece of work in which a variety of neo-folk and noise artists reappropriate Zionist aesthetics in a Laibachian manner.

The project is described better than I could on the blog of the Industrialised Culture Research Network, featuring an essay from the curator Avi Pitchon. Here’s an extract:

The Zion Sky compilation album was produced as part of the ‘Where to?‘ art exhibition, which opened in the Israeli Center For Digital Art in April 2012, and was released by the Israeli industrial label Tophet Prophet. The exhibition’s theme was hidden/forgotten/neglected currents in Zionism. 
The compilation was commissioned and assembled by Avi Pitchon, aiming to appropriate Laibach’s approach and tactic (without any limitation on musical direction besides perhaps a general desire for the sound, as well as content, to express a certain utopian awe) and apply it to Zionist history, thinking, texts and aesthetics. As opposed to the historical/research/archival approach of the majority of the exhibiting artists, ‘Zion Sky’ follows the intently a-historical clash of motifs demonstrated by NSK, as well as the revisiting of Zionism’s aesthetic arsenal evident in the work of prominent Israeli artists like Yael Bartana and the Public Movement performance group. The intention was to speculate on utopian vectors whose trajectory never completed, to ask a ‘what if?’ about Zionism in particular and utopian ideas and movements in general.